Say it ain’t so Will, say it ain’t so. Been hearing about Mr and Mrs Smiths Oscar objections and kept hoping for Uncle Phil to step in and sternly tell him to stop acting a fool.*

Their son, Jaden Smith, has been known to say some odd things. Some years back I commented on his stating how much he hated people with this Wonka Meme Picture 49.png. Over the years recalling the thoughts my younger self had. Odd things that occurred in an environment of lesser monetary wealth and the potential disillusionment that may bring, to that of Jadens’ upbringing. From his practical lifestyle to having the time to access any number of half-baked, woo, spiritual, nincompoop ideas on the net. I certainly did not have the fortune (or arguably misfortune) to post those thoughts onto social media platforms that are reinforced by other starstruck and misguided people.

I watched an episode of the Saad Truth by Dr. Gad Saad “Jaden Smith : Where Anti Intelectualism, fake Profundity and Narscissism Meet” In which he makes the case that Jaden should be shamed and dissuaded due to his potentially misleading the mind of the numerous followers he has. I agreed with the danger but thought if this was an adult then get at him hard, but to treat a childish mind on adult terms, even when it may posses adult repercussions…

Well who are the adults? His folks? Where are Will and Jada**?

I was well aware of them being adherents of the church of Scientology. That wasn’t enough for me to think they were zany to the max. not to mention the existence of ‘Whip My Hair Back and Forth.’ yeah these things are pop manufactured throw some voice in there but yay Willow Smith! Then this Oscar boycott occurred. You may have heard of it, google it for more, the Internets are as much mine as yours. I watched a video that included an interview Will smith gave on ABC? The commentary was too cringe-worthy to finish so I could not imagine watching the actual interview. My central point of the post is Parenting. With Parents like these it is not hard to imagine why Jaden says the things he says.

There should be an increased focus on parenting. It is a responsibility that too many shirk. Not surprising with the general attitude most have to responsibilities, but quite fearful when it as to do with shepherding a new life into the world.

What does the parenting or lack there of parenting do to children? In any community, culture or race. I do think this is highly ignored in situations such as some certain lives matter movement. Surely there are no ‘honest conversations’ about that… I guarantee I will say more on that soon. Parenting in particular was going to be part of the possible series during the upcoming history month. The series may not be as important as other matters, but Parenting is.

It may be the most important matter.

  • I bring you down then I pick you up, this is how i care for my readers. Shame if you didn’t click the link before.

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