Dr. Sowell on Trump

Much has, is and will be said about Donald J. Trump’s campaign for the United States presidency. Like many of you, I am watching the media coverage of this with great interest, and will likely post about it occasionally as it continues.

Seeing how the mostly left leaning main stream media (MSM) futilely tries to control the narrative contrasted by the way right leaning portals are baffled by the momentum and groundswell Mr. Trump has shown warms my jaded heart. Their progression from dismissal, to attack, to what seems like a grudging acceptance and attempt to latch on like those Whale barnacles I remember seeing on pre-Honey Bo-Boo child reality televised TLC, Discovery and History channel days…

Is ‘history’ it?

Focusing on the past preventing some from seeing a potential historic change?

After reading these two articles from Dr. Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite Historians and economists , Grow Up! on Town Hall.com and Do Emotions Trump Facts? in the National Review, historic blindness may be an issue. Here is an interview.

Dr. Sowell, is an accomplished thinker. He is an advocate of free market economics, despite how much he may or may not participate in the market as a long time academic. Mentally I have excused this possible contradiction by saying he does write and publish books. He claims he hardly gets a reaction to his topics and writing. He seems to have ignored his writings when he penned, or keyed would it be touched if you use a touchscreen? these latest articles especially after making an intentional effort to make his latest books on economics more palatable to the general public.

When reading Dr. Sowells works I often pause and wonder how much better the world would be if the material Dr. Sowell has published  was not ignored or unknown ? Well what if it isn’t.  Many ‘in power’ are aware of the material but correctly decided it does not help them win to point this out. They look at examples given by the life, status and social standing of Dr. Sowell and others like him and think ‘let me not say what he says if I want to win this trumped up popularity contest.’

Well Trump is not an idiot.

I doubt he is a narcissist.

His history has been one not quite comparable to many of the people Dr. Sowell unfairly contrasts him with.

It has shown he knows about popularity. As it was in the private sector, he has also shown the ability to provide a solid foundation for that popularity. I cannot think of a historical precedent for what is going on in this presidential cycle, and am enjoying the spectacle if not somewhat nervously.


In an example of the warmingly perplexing way the MSM is acting, Neil Cavuto speaks of how the world has become a certain way with no mention of the part he and the media have played in creating this present situation. The Debate format is for the media. If they held a week long, few hour a day symposium of sorts, this would provide far more substantial information but as the main stream media’s life-blood is ratings they shall not do this. You can argue a chicken before the egg situation here with the viewers and the media, to more appropriately placing the cart before the horse, but would have to specify what media or which people would be either the cart, horse, chicken or egg.

Dr. Sowell speaks about free markets and does not quite seem as convinced to try living in them interviewed by someone participating in an institution that carefully measures what to say based on their target audience who cannot see that someone else may be doing just that.

  • *In the Whale Barnacle example above, my first thought was a parasite, or those fish that latch on to sharks and other larger marine animals, were not quite right. A parasite by definition can harm their hosts. The fish, such as Cleaner Fish, are a symbiotic if not positive part to the larger creature. When i did some research Whale barnacles fit perfectly as “the relationship is an example of obligate commensalism, as the barnacles neither harm, nor benefit, their host.” This was evidenced by Mr. Trump’s no-show for the latest Republican Debate. I caught some of the speech he gave announcing his intention to not attend… This is going to be an interesting year.



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