The thing about Arachnophobia

Remember that film? Why was it called arachnophobia? Weren’t there completely valid reasons to be afraid of spiders in that film…hell, kinda in life in general. I mean Spiders right? dafuq is up with spiders…

Currently there is a ‘phobia’ that is equally if not more misdiagnosed. Especially considering the tenants of the thing you are apparently being phobic of, and the subsequent actions some take from adherence to their preferred declarations, examples and interpretations of that thing.

Well…that you know what thing I’m talking about and get why I’m saying ‘thing’ instead of the actual thing leads me to ask:

Is it a phobia? Which is defined as an extreme or irrational fear and aversion.

If it is irrational, then we are that-thing-o-phobic. So when accused, you should not feel embarrassed. State your reasons and the accuser will hopefully provide evidence to put your fears to rest. The claim should not be used as an insult or conversation ender.

If it is not irrational.

Why am I still saying ‘thing’?

Is it possibly a rational fear?

Not so sure on that yet but I am sure of this. If the accuser infers or includes the accusation of racism, you can feel free to disengage. It is absurd and in some cases a declaration of their racism not yours. You should not spare your limited time with self-declared racists. If able point out Indonesia, India, the Sudan and the millions of believers of European and other ancestries.

Speaking of Indonesia, here is a short recollection. Some years back my folks were hosting a dinner. A young missionary and current seminary student at the Vatican was in attendance. The massive 2004 Indonesian earthquake that caused a Tsunami and subsequent horror and devastation came up. This ‘man of the cloth,’ seemingly without a doubt in his head stated that this happened because it was a country with the highest number of Muslims. Stunned silence. I cannot recall what objections, if any were made, to this declaration were but it wasn’t the dinner ending reaction of him being requested to leave or others excusing themselves from the table. I must have mentioned something about all the tectonic activity, due to its location, and recall laughing in disbelief after with some that were at the table… but more should have been done.


Fear of the ‘shit’ is not Christianophobia

That shit is scary. Beliefs, ancient or new, that lead to a mindset where someone can say something like this confidently expecting that others will be silent out of ‘respect’ should elicit a calculated, sane and, I will continue to argue, essential sense of revulsion and fear in all that value reality and virtue.

Fear is an emotion. It is not evil or good in and of itself. Nor is it a commandment or ideology, it is part of us, as living beings. The more we can correctly identify it’s source the better we are for it. When all ran from fire we sought to understand it. How we deal with fear, defines us as human beings.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 14.15.13

  • Here is the trailer. Does it match your recollection of it? Will today’s ‘phobias’ be seen in the same light?

Thank you for reading. Comment below and share your experience with phobias.


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