Political Jesters

It is not always easy to notice how different things happen for the same reasons.

When I returned to Kenya it bugged me how often politicians danced. They would find times to dance and have me thinking this is too serious for you to be dancing around. This is life, not a game. Who are you fooling?

The Super Bowl is today, marking the end of that season. Last night I realized that the election season interested me far more than any of the other major sports. The football season was a great one and I wished both teams could win whereas the political one is more than likely going to end with both sides winning and the populace losing.

This morning I realized that western politicians jester in their own way. In the USA the dancing and celebrations in sports, especially American Football, has often been a social topic. These athletes lives involve playing a game and yet there are demands they take it seriously. Though bodily dancing on stage may not be as socially expected*, politicians none the less must dance their dances. Different stage, soundtrack and steps, but dancing none the less.

Would you deny that the performances at the various debates are a dance?

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 22.28.49“So You Think You Can Preside!” The hosts are almost as big a feature as the participants on stage. The pageantry, advertising, audience participation… Did competitive-reality-television talent shows follow the example of the Debates or did their format come first?

Who were these people fooling?


The dances of the Kenyan politicians were never too unique, or creative. Instead they use a basic, few-step, shoulder shrugging arms slightly raised to the front at motion.

Much less pretense to their performance.

Western politicians are as calculated in their actions. Responses, positions and outfits polled and calculated.

The purpose of the dance is to ingratiate oneself to the masses. Make enough potential voters think, this guy is like one of us. Some think someone like themselves could and should run the country, they look at the dances offered, and take a pick.

  • Global Sport related trivia. Turns out Soccer just a ‘slang’ term for professional football. considering the demographics of the people that migrated to America it makes some sense that it would be used here :
    late 19th century: from a shortening of Association football + an extended use of -er1.
  • *Bush gets down. Actually got really into it in this But see what the guy in white was doing at the start. That’s where they usually leave it at.
  • Congratulations to the Denver Broncos. 200 wins for Peyton, hell of a game by the defense. The panthers can come back for another one soon enough.

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