Economic Confidence

Is anyone else as disturbed by the notion that the economy improves solely on confidence. As in if people believe it is doing well it will do well? Not it should do well and give people confidence?

With an open declaration by many that make decisions that affect global markets, that their intent main intent is to elicit confidence in people in order to improve markets… well when does one just admit it is a Con-game. A scam. A scheme.

Is it because they mean well? Or at least claim to mean well?

I have an interest in economics but am far from an expert in any of this. I have  had time to research and listen to others that seem to know what they are talking about. This post will include some of those sources that seem to make sense. I am definitely not confident that a downturn has not begun.

You are part of the economy so you could benefit from making some time to listen to this material. The idea that it can shake ones confidence to hear some of this material is understood. It once caused me different levels of apprehension if not fear, possibly a marketophobic reaction. I now see it as part of the inevitable and natural process of markets correcting themselves. Reality winning out. They are podcasts so can be listened to while doing other things. links are below

The Jason Stapleton Program : Evidence the Financial Meltdown is Upon Us.

I like how he breaks it down in a personable way. There are negative interest rates. Negative.

Peter Schiff : Weak Jobs Report Not Weak Enough For Stocks

This may be a bit more technical but still makes sense.

Mike Maloney : 6 Charts That Suggest Markets have Topped & Recession is Here

Charts because figures and facts. I have not attempted to become good at reading these charts. Mike Maloney however has and makes his case well. I first came across him on his fantastic series The Hidden Secrets of Money. This will need to be featured in its own post.

Well there you have it. They make certain observations and provide certain data. Make of it what you will. Do search out more information. If there is anyone out there well versed in what they are saying and are able to either add to or refute their assertions I would be grateful if you could share your information. Comments or other otherwise.

Thank you

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