They Tech Our Jobs!

In 100 years, but jobs could be protested in this way?

Technology frees us to do more productive things. It doesn’t give you the skill, talent or drive to be more productive, but it does offer you the time.

Prohibit the use of technological advancements in farming, transport and cleaning and jobs will be ‘created.’ Digging the earth with a hoe and planting corn by the kernel, watering it by the watering can* and harvesting the 1-2 ears per stalk. In cities there would be the need to build and maintain stables to house horses and carriages, Smithies and others to shoe and care for them and cleaners to sweep the streets of their dung. Most homes in Kenya do not have washing machines. Cleaning clothes is still a form of employment for a large number of people. Can pay someone the equivalent of $5.00 to hand-wash at least 2 loads of clothes and linens on top of that.

It may not take 100 years for current jobs to be ready for such a parody.

My undergrad was in Graphic design. Web design was a potential revenue stream for almost a decade. This has switched to UX and UI. Most basic sites can be created from numerous templates and site generators. Some web designers and programmers will be put out of work by this but it has also provided the ability of having a website to far more people and giving them opportunities to make a living and hire others by running more successful ventures.

  • *Had to google search “thing for watering plants” to get the name of it it’s been a while since I used one. Glad I was not the only one.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 02.16.01

  • Clothes are air-dried in Kenya, which works well enough when the weather usually plays along, but did you know many American states have outlawed air-drying? You can see some some of the constraints or air-dying as the cities become more densely populated, resulting in more clothes and linens per household and not as much outdoor space to sun them.
  • Next outright undeniable economic downturn since 2008 may have begun (or continued from depending on if you thought there was a recovery). QE4 is coming and some central banks are already in negative interest rates. Interesting year continues.

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