Minority Recount

You know how evil white people are? You know right? Well  if this current empowerment of minorities is anything to go by, they are even more evil than that.

Globalization is coming. Like it or not. It’s how we roll. How the world spins. Going from families, to clans, tribes, villages, towns, townships, cities, counties, districts, principalities, states, nations and to continents as communication grows our communities. The global community is next. Guess who is positioning themselves at the top of that pyramid?


Now, now, now. I hear you. In western,’white’ nations there seems to be a rather concerted effort to address the plight of minorities, within their borders. The majority has power that the minority simply does not. This power places them in a position of privilege. Thus efforts need to be made for minorities to be represented. They need their spaces. They need to be listened to and believed. They need their fair share. Who could be against this, this is good for everyone, right?

White people can count.

Though the practice predates them, the Greeks coined the term Mathematics. As the borrowers of brown knowledge that they are westerners adopted the decimal system present in Hindu-Arabic Numerals. So they get percentages. They know majorities and minorities. We know they have been all over the world. You know conquering and what not. So they know places.

They know that in the world, they are the minority.

So what’s the best way to set yourself up for the upcoming global world? Why let’s make sure everyone holds minority empowerment and representation as a virtue in and of itself. Then once they finally catch on that they are the majority, whites will now be the protected class.

Don’t believe me? Look at a country like Japan. How diverse are they? What other countries are under demands to place inclusion as a priority? Middle east, Africa, Asia…where? Nope Whiteys keeping this for whites. Even if sharing would sell the ‘this is good for everyone’ line their selfish nature shines through in them wanting to keep it for themselves.  These schemers with their white lies about caring for minorities.

Pull the wool from over your eyes. I did. That term itself contains a warning. Most most sheep naturally do not grow white wool. The white some of you may think of are domesticated, or genetically modified sheep. By who? White people. They turn coloured things white. They however cannot eradicate the warning in the term. White things used to deceive. This is a warning for us. Don’t be sheep. White sheep.

They even changed the definition of the white lies to mean a trivial lie, told not it hurt peoples feelings. No more. Enough!

watching you.png


2 responses to “Minority Recount

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