Not Another Brick In the Wall


The next president of the United States of America will likely be Donald J. Trump. He is reviled by many, ridiculed by countless and ignored by very few. Things he has or has not said have ignited many political conversations.  His campaign has been unceremoniously dismantling the mainstream media’s control of narratives and the pervasive culture of political correctness. Let us look at this term:

Politically correct.

  1. :  conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

political correctness noun


Taking insult and offense where none is intended is a personal preference that imposed on others. A derailing tactic intended to silence the target that should be given little, if any, consideration in rational discourse. If it had innate worth someone would only have to claim offense at your offense to invalidate it.

Anyway, the Republican establishment and supporters are slowly but surely falling in line. Were they too out of touch to see that Trump activated a previously silent group that did not figure into their expectations of politics as usual, or just utterly convinced theirs was the one right way?

Some Democrats have said they would. Why? Well the party-favorite candidate may actually get indicted, despite the FBI’s clutching at Apples attempts to keep busy with anything but her possibly administration implicating case.

In addition Mr. Sanders’ supporters seem to have a virulent disdain for Mrs. Clinton. If she is the nominee I suspect 30% of his supporters will abstain and about 10-15% vote for Trump out of spite among other reasons. Especially if Trump is brokered out of the nomination and runs under a 3rd party.

A lot can be/is said about Trump, though accusations of him being of a 3rd or 4th grade education and intellect or a bumbling fool are perplexing. Do those saying it go beyond name-calling to believing that leading a presidential campaign is easy? That a large number of those voting outside of party allegiance can’t identify who is and is not an idiot? What does that say about previous elections and the general institution of Democracy?  If the same had been said about the current president(Barack Obama) during his populist run-up would it be followed by accusations of racism?*  Why is Trump’s lack of experience considered a weakness when 2 elections ago it was a sign the candidate could bring potential change? This is discounting the man’s history of relative to blazing success, in numerous ventures and fields…

I continue to be enthralled by this campaign season.

Hoping for Trump vs Sanders but it will likely be Trump vs Clinton.

  • Trump is totes racist!
  • *Yes it would.

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