Winter is Trumping

Teflon. This man is Teflon.

“The greatest builder is me, and we will build the greatest wall you have ever seen.” Hilarous.

Pope Francis, as any public political figure may, commented on wall building,”a person who thinks only of building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, isn’t Christian.” Yeah so maybe he means with the Walls of Jericho being brought down, and technically he did not build the walls of the city he lives in… but am I expecting too much reason from the unreasonable?

Caught the last half of yesterdays debate. What is the American dream? Ted Cruz points out that Trump is wrong by saying Americans do not want to work certain service jobs. He does this by pointing out that he and Marco Rubio’s parents started in the service sector. Weren’t both their parents immigrants? It is unlikely he was trying to prove Trump’s point, but …

Clutch question at the end though.

If the party lead is brokered is Trump was trumps answer flexible enough to mount an independent run?


The video above was included in the recent Mister Metokur “Guacocast: In Memory Of Jeb Bush” (2 hours of the most cringeful, political humor you may ever find) It was a discussion of Jeb Bush’s recently shuttered campaign. There was a competition prompting people share videos or stories about Jeb. Winter is Trumping won and it was all about Trump. Which was somehow fitting.

Then at 1:44:00 there was this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 15.11.48.png

some sad exchange out of how it was Jeb that had presidency as a long sought goal.

W even gave a better chest bump.


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