Secular Religions : Cultural Diversity

Not quite an eye for an eye.

Have you heard of Cultural Diversity?

Do you call for it?

Is it a good thing that should be sought by one and all?

The general social movement that encourages the pursuit of this as a virtue somewhat confuses me. I would be glad to get some interaction and discussion from anyone that can share their views on the matter.

Here is how it seems to play out.

Country M has culture M.

People from location O, P and N come to location M.

Since cultures have the same value, location M should make room for the people of location O, P and N to practice their cultures.

This is one of the stumbling blocks in this reasoning. If all cultures are equally valuable why should any culture change for another? Why would one culture need to stay as is if they are the same? To claim concessions should be made one must say we know you live in this way here but since we like to live in a different way you should let us do this. This is an admission that the cultures are not the same. By definition of diversity is synonymous with difference.

Ok, back to the analogies.

If culture M expresses itself in location O, P and N it is is often considered imposing itself on those countries and cultures. So when someone leaves location M they should not carry their culture with them. However when people come to location M,  room should be made for them to continue their cultures?  I find the expectation that different behavior should elicit the same treatment or reactions is…problematic.

This only makes sense if location M has an inferior culture.

Lets speak of it in plain English.  If cultures are the same. Equally valuable. Then why would the exportation of western values, and general migration and relocation of westerners be considered negatively as imperialism, but the reverse is a positively as multiculturalism?

fishinHow is a western nation supposed to make room and accommodate new cultures without being accused of appropriating them?

The only way this makes any sense is if those making the claim consider western culture to be a pollutant whereas others are a supplement. They are of course completely free to hold said belief, but It would be nice if they were clearer about it.

What happens when you ask for a definition of culture or diversity? Years back I would hear the term and agree without much thought. would a person from Australia be considered to have a different culture than one from Poland? In a country like Kenya with over 40 tribes are those considered different cultures?

There is a problem with generalizations in certain cases. Seeking diversity for the sake of diversity without defining why or what one means or wants to accomplish has been having some negative results. I personally have grown up mostly in Western or western influenced cultures. I like that, and consider it to be in general a positive culture. May have had some apprehensions in the past but upon further research and information, I think it is the best thing going right now.

Willing to admit that I may just be too dense to get what people mean by Cultural Diversity outside of it being a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.


Let us know what you think

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