Tribalism, Tribalism Everywhere

noun: tribalism

the state or fact of being organized in a tribe or tribes.
the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group.
“a society motivated by cultural tribalism”
synonyms: sectarianism, chauvinism; esprit de corps
“the latest waves of violence were blamed on tribalism”

We are tribal. We have been from since we have know. It is a building block to society. Why do we not see it in the ‘developed world?’

These may be observations that many will read and think, ‘yeah, we knew that. Dafuq were you looking at before?’ but here goes. The Left and the Right. Democrats and Republicans. East Coast or West Coast. New Yorker or Bostonian. NY Mets or NY Yankees. Marvel or DC comics. Feminists, Social Justice Warriors,Gamers , Atheists, Skeptics, Accountants, Teachers, Unions these are all tribes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 03.52.45.png

Our mental identity makes us. It defines what we are and are not. It follows that we would have behavior and beliefs  as criteria for tribal allegiances. These would differ from the more common historical tribal parameters based on the ‘physical’ genetic and familial connections. These still exist in the west but are much more evident in developing nations.

For example one may travel to Kenya and just consider the majority of people to be black. The majority do produce melanin at a mid to high level but they themselves delineate to over 40 tribes. English and Swahili are the two major languages with Swahili serving as the lingua franca to bridge communication between these distinct languages and cultures. English was adopted from the English and localized into its own unique Dialect. Swahili was adopted from the Coastal Swahili people that interacted a lot with Middle Easterners, and in general are of the Islamic religion and thus the language has many Arabic loan-words. I remember living in Nairobi and first hearing the term ‘Sheng’ as the name the mix of English and Swahili that was being spoken by the urban youth. Their home environments may have been similar to that of their parents’ tribe(s), but was not enforced by the social environment as it would have been in their respective ancestral lands. This language was likely part of creating a new tribal identity of Nairobians not based on racial grounds.

We seems to do natural things in  some of the most convoluted ways. I say seem because the more I learn about natural processes, human behavior appears to be just another case of things happening differently for the same reasons. Tribes are in general faith based to some degree …did you hear about that Gay Pride march going through predominantly Muslim areas that is being protested by the Left on the grounds of xenophobia? Yeah that is a whole disjointed mess of a mess. The interaction of these three tribes defined by political views, theological beliefs and sexual preference seemingly to making some unexpected allegiances.

I continue to build my own tribe. I try to base it on shared morality and holding facts, honesty and the pursuit of knowledge to be virtues. This may be how most, if not all tribes begun but…more on this later.


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