Supporting the End of Welfare

…and begin of Warfare.

I was listening to a recent call in show from Freedomain Radio, Migratory Patterns of Predatory Scientists where a caller shared the observation that many younger Germans have traveled where they had happy, touristy, manicured and polite interactions  and assume that to be the general way foreigners behave.

This is not indicative of the general disposition or culture of those people. As a tourist you are a resource to many you meet on your travels. When you go to a well run establishment they treat you in ways that you expect. It literally pays them to treat you well.

Ways that make you comfortable. Ways intended to increase your patronage. When it comes to customer service, I am constantly reminded of my 3 days at The Walt Disney World Resort. I know that millions go through the place. Knew that thousands a day are there during those days. Yet it felt like it was being done for me. Technically it was, but not me as an individual because they liked my personality, but me as customer number whatever I was.

These perceptions of interactions reminded me of this random musing I had at least a year ago.

Warfare despite what some may think, is not that popular. It is done but the general populace has a certain dislike of it. They do not like seeing the results, or being reminded of the reality of it.

Tin-foil-hat conspiracy time.

The ‘powers that be’ think that a more direct involvement is needed in a certain region. Their citizens are not supportive as they have the think the people in that region are just like them,or in the least not too different. Why can’t we talk this out, they think. I know someone who was kind of sort of from there and they’re cool enough. That one guy at the office, the nice lady at the grocery store pretty sure last weekend there was a guy at the bar cheering on my favorite team. Hell, I went to school with a kid whose folks were from there.

So how to get the support? Let in a lot of people from that region. Have your populace live next to them. Interactions with them may lead them to think people they previously interacted with may have left that region for some valid reasons. After a while you may have a populace a little more willing to support a more ‘active’ engagement in that region.

This is another idea that was added to this conspiracy.

The Welfare state is bankrupt. Whatever it’s initial intentions it has long since become a Ponzi scheme and thus is bound to run out. Import a group in that do not integrate partially due usage and dependence of welfare at a large percentage. Now when the money runs out,  point the finger and have a scapegoat to slaughter.


some of my favorite trees in Nairobi

Tin foil hat off.

It is not controversial to say that the conditions and location will determine what sort of tree grows. Why is it so alien to many to accept that the same can affect the Human animal. Especially seeing as we are more adaptive to environments than essentially all other life we know of. Could it be somewhat to discount the importance of early childhood development? An idea that we are somehow supernaturally elevated and apart from nature?

I’d like to know the answer.

Thank you for reading. Do check out Freedomain Radio, lots of great thought provoking content there. Comments and thoughts are welcomed below.


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