Competitive Gender

What’s good for the Goose is not always good for the Gander, otherwise we would all be Geese.


How many professional female athletes take performance enhancing drugs? How many Male Models starve themselves?

We take on risk for what we find worthwhile. It is generally said that men do not go to hospitals, ask for directions or stop certain behavior when they ‘should.’ This can only be made in comparison to what women do. Here are some facts, males die earlier and females have a higher occurrence of Hypochondria, health anxiety or illness anxiety disorder . Males have better spatial awareness and females better at picking up facial and body cues. take these into acocunt and it is understandable to see how the genders will have different opinions ond when somehting should begin or end.

Does not seem controversial to say that women are far more risk averse in most situations than males are. That if there is a bump in the night that the husband is the one that would be expected to get out of bed and check on it.

Why is it still controversial that certain stressful fields have a higher percentage of males?

Adversarial competition in the workplace between Men has far higher benefits for them than it would for women. Why expect someone to do something that provides far more challenges than benefits. I previously stated that  everyone does what they consider good, is it not understandable that different people want to do different things?

Starting a cycle of anabolic steroids will not benefit a programmer trying to finish some important code before the deadline in a few days.  A bodybuilder trying o make gains before his next meet some months away will unlikely get much aid by popping a handful of Ritalin or Adderal.

What determines the risk vs reward ratio?

Simply having the potential is different than a reason to fulfill it.

Take Identical twins that grow up in Kenya.  One moves to Italy. It would not be surprising if they learnt to speak Italian and the other did not. Now if they both decided to learn Italian together from the same online site, would it be surprising if the one in Italy picked the language up a lot faster?

I took an Italian course In an American Uni in Rome. Students were almost entirely English speakers, a vast majority of my friends were, the places I frequented were populated by Italians that spoke English. Picking up a basic communicational version of Italian was all I did. A few months later living on my own in Turin whilst attending an animation the course in Italian, I got up to intermediate proficiency quite fast. Animation interests me and the people of Turin stuck mostly to Italian so learning the language had many concise benefits.

Why should someone work as hard as they can to get as many resources as possible? Why should someone be more cognizant of their physical well being, versus risk its health? What evolutionary pressures of our Ancestral environment are still seen today? We are still driven by the distal reason of reproduction. Males that were competitive and engaged in agonistic behavior, at times risking life and limb, would be rewarded by the interest of higher ranking and quality females that would mate with him and raise his children. Females had no reproductive reward for such outright physically taxing behavior.


Interesting concepts in this video. Remember being tall does not mean you will be a professional basketball player. Someone with less potential can achieve more than one with higher if they put more effort into it. There are physical realities to be aware of though.

Facts cannot be sexist.


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