Do You Believe what Trump Said?

He is the least believable politician running.

I really think this is the problem.

That so many decry the man as a racist, idiot, buffoon and other insults may say a lot of peoples innate awareness. It gives me hope about the world.

Those willing to engage when asked why they brand him as such, tend to eventually dial back the venom, and mention a source from legacy/main stream media. None has yet used his actual quote to defend their insults. These sources tend to be those buttressing one of the sides of the coin that is the current system. So, if there is anyone who may actually be about to topple that cart, it makes sense they would attack the person. Self interest is not anything new.

They are defending their self interest.

In addition this shows that they actually had thought they were doing something right. I do not think anyone willingly does evil. Things people do may hurt others but we all do things for some perceived greater good.

As people are convinced the sources are trustworthy. They rightfully identify racism to be wrong and dangerous, so if they hear Trump is racist they have a negative reaction and call him a dangerous idiot. The idiot part is most likely from some disbelief of his racism. Either he isn’t racist but not smart enough to not say racist things, or is racist and dumb enough to show it*. This would indicate that they did not think the system sucked and supported it regardless but instead did not really analyze the system much. They, like I previously did, trust their News sources to be reporting the truth. Not just telling us what they thought was true. What they thought was best. What they thought would help.

Now onto the belief. This applies to the ones that hear Trump speak and still detest him. He is the least believable politician running.

We are too used to the comfortable lie.

Are we so used to politicians saying one thing and doing the other that we expect a dog and pony show? For example  watched a video where Bernie Sanders was asked  if god was relevant, his answer somehow discussed water poisoning being wrong, vets needing to be treated better and some call for togetherness… from this some defenders insist that he is an atheist but cannot say it because he would lose due to the high percentage of theists. Seriously the man has some sort of inexplicable glamour about him.

With Trump it seems people actually believe him. No benefit of the doubt. No political posturing. He isn’t saying things to win, he is saying things to do. They actually seem to believe he will do what he says. Or at least what the Media said he says. Which again is a good thing. Wait do they believe others lie so do not take them at their word or do they believe everyone says the truth but only hear what the media tells them the person said?

As for thinking of what Bernie says do they have any idea how these things would be done…hmm maybe they do just believe it

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 23.27.43.png

the power of Trump compels them? orrrr victim-blaming

Regardless I am quite a fan of the effect Trump is having on people. Both in the Media and in general. The reaction he brings forth seems to expose how many are actually content with the way things are.

  • * Mike Tyson recently endorsed Trump and made a good point. If you are calling him racist, actually believe he is racist in the actual defined meaning of that term, then you are in a way calling a majority of his supporters racist or in general uneducated. Which is why I do not think people are actually using the term correctly.
  • Trump waiting on the Method Man Album