Islam Means Submission

Not all, of course not all.

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There will likely be a lot of virtue signaling in the weeks following the latest terror attacks. This time leaving 34 dead in Belgium, with over 100 wounded. It has taken unfortunately long but it seems people are more willing to risk hurting feelings than risk future physical harm.

This post may hurt feelings.

Is Islam a race? No? Then you are not racist for discussing what certain people believe.

Do those that say Donald Trumps words are inciting violence say the same about the words in the Quran? What percent of his words may be construed to incite violence versus those in ‘holy’ books?

Does being Muslim make you violent? No. Is there a disturbing number of recent violence by people that are Muslim? Yes. You may not know them personally but the evidence is undeniable. Can you find passages to defend both pacifism and violence in the text? Yes. What percent of something need be negative or dangerous for it to be categorized as such?

Not all Ice Hockey players fight, but there is an unwritten rule in the game to fight. When playing American Football what percent of the game are actual collisions, what percent of boxing is actually fist hitting body, what percent is actual knockouts? These are still considered collision or contact sports, at least in comparison to something like football or golf.

Really just frustrated. That I am not surprised makes it that much more frustrating. Here is a video form Stefan Molyneux. It is important. If points made in this video can be refuted, please refute them. Would be nice if this didn’t seem so…


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