A Trump – Sanders Ticket…

on a third party may be more likely than a Trump v Sanders USA presidential race.

Correlation does not imply causation. There have lately been observations that the main stream media is favoring Donald J Trump and Hilary Clinton over Bernie Sanders due to their skewed coverage of their respective campaigns. The discrepancy is undeniable but the nature of it is not. Even if the coverage of Trump and Clinton was equal down to minute and letter the content and purpose of the coverage should be scrutinized.


any reflections of bridge possibilities?

If a parent spends 40 hours a week with their child supporting, encouraging and educating them is not the same as one spending that time, berating, disparaging and lying to them. If the child ended up as a relatively stable and successful adult would you say both did due to the intentions of their parents?

Yes, Trump gets more time, but it was first intended to brush him off as a joke, then to tear him down with exaggeration after fallacy.

The MSM has no intention to support Trump, he just maintains and gains it despite and in spite of them.

Sanders does the same, to an extent, when discounting the support he receives from celebrities and other media personalities.

Would you rather someone badmouth you or say nothing about you? Most of the MSM is left biased, and their weapons of choice are words. They hardly turn those weapons on those on ‘their side’ and Mrs. Clinton is very much on that side and is their favorite option. As Sanders socialist policies are essentially the “this isn’t even my final form” of Clinton and whatever the Democratic party currently is, on its road to outright communism, they have chosen to ignore him rather than attack. More of the Silent treatment, since to attack his policy would be attacking things they actually support.

If you claim they are very different, then what is the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism? The democratic process? Well, paraphrasing G. Edward Griffin, a lynch mob may be the perfect example of democracy, there tends to only be one dissenting vote. Now the front-runner Clinton, the Democratic National Convention chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others have been asked to differentiate Democrats and Socialists, I have yet found a viable answer. Sanders is further down the road for sure, but it is not a direction Clinton or her supporters and eventual beneficiaries do not want to take. They just want to be in control.

Trump and Sanders could mount independent campaigns. Trump is not a darling to the Republican establishment and Sanders is not favored by the DNC.

As mentioned in the Old Man Sanders post, I continue to wonder about some of these discrepancies in how the two are viewed. Sanders isn’t taking funding from lobbyists, that’s great! Trump isn’t taking funding from lobbyists? Well he used to fund people! Trump is actually using less than his opponents or any other candidates in the recent past.  Sanders has actually spent over 3 times the amount that Trump has.

When it comes to money and politics, the concern is more about whose money is in control and being controlled rather than whether money should be a controlling factor or controlled.

A brokered Republican convention and the current Superdelagate activity by the DNC could leave these two off the main party ballots. Though they have not been throwing directly at odds with each other, rather spending most of their time contesting their respective party nominations, they are too far at odds policy wise to be on the same independent ticket.

Sanders has spend his life in the public sector, Trump in the private. One seems to represent a hope that the established ways of doing things may come to an end, the other that the establishment continues( if not greatly increases) just with ‘the power’ in different hands. Ostensibly those of the ‘people.’

The people that are somehow more knowledgeable and caring than those that came before.


Exciting times continue with this election. I liken the establishment to a speeding locomotive running out track heading to a wall of reality. Trump would likely derail the train as soon as possible, whereas Sanders would throw whatever remaining fuel there is at the engines and hurtle as fast as possible into that wall. Either way the gravy train is coming to an end.

  • Excellent presentation as per usual, and at 3:11 has a chart showing the percent of eligible votes that have participated.

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