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Who is responsible for the student debt?

The NBA has a high number of uncommonly tall people, track teams have a high number of comparatively fast people, Sumo wrestling has relatively large people and Models tend to be unique looking people.

If someone is of average height and does not make it to the NBA we can point out that they may be too short. If someone can’t make the track team, they may not be fast enough, and similar to a floundering Sumo prospect may be encouraged to first change their diet and workout plan to improve their chance at success. Just as someone striving for a modeling contract…well this analogy may loose its footing here.

Regardless, no one would expect that simply playing in the NBA would result in them getting taller, or more buying and wearing running gear will make them faster nor would having more access to attend a Sumo D0jo make one larger.

Why then, do many seem to believe having more people attend college will result in having smarter people?

On the contrary if you lower the standards, drop the requirements to make a cost benefit-analysis and erase any repercussions that may occur from those two things. Essentially make education not require an educated decision, the result will be exactly what was advertised – little to no education.

Yesterday while checking coverage of the various protests in NYC surrounding the some of the 2017 Presidential aspirants attending the Republican Gala I came across this story.  Watch : ‘Million Student March’ Activist Battles FNC’s Cavuto, Calls Capitalism ‘Illegitemate.’ : Breitbart At about 1:58 in the included video, Darletta Scruggs says .”.m.millions of students are faced with the question of debt and how they are going to pay for education, I myself being one of those young people; that don’t know what to do around the question of going to college, receiving a degree.”

‘Receiving a degree.’

Education is valuable.

Value is not something that easily received, but instead earned, gained and worked for. If ones previous actions are not taken into account in order to obtain something, it tends to loose value.

Are current brick and mortar colleges and universities still the best way for one to obtain an education?

Who is responsible?

  • The state of education is a very serious and real issue. Another take on the causes. Student Loans : No Credit? No Collateral? No Problem. – Mises Institute
  • Somewhat related question, If these students cannot be held responsible for their collegiate decisions, how is it that they are responsible enough to vote?
  • I would likely prefer the world if this video had more views even thought it makes sense that it has the number it does.
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some smiles to end a heavy topic


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