Universal Sufferage ≠ Universal Responsibility

If you think all the people that vote are responsible enough to do that, why can’t they be trusted to decide what to do on a day to day basis?

Why do they need to vote for other people to take money from them and others to give to those that somehow need it more than they do?

Do people truly think that if there was no governmental institution taking care of the needy, that no one would? Would they not care for their friends and family when in need? Do they never tip service providers? Or buy gifts for people? In general invest in others?

If we agree that people should have a license to drive a car. That they should pass some sort of test. Misuse of a vehicle can end the lives of several people. Vote in the wrong person or law and the result can be thousands of armed people in cars going after other people. Despite that even asking for valid identification to be provided before voting is considered by some as an attempt of disenfranchisement. We card when people buy alcohol or tobacco, entering clubs or bars and other social interactions, so carding isn’t exactly the issue is it?

When it comes to the United States of America, is it because it is a Democracy? Paraphrasing G. Edward Griffin from a previous post on this blog, a lynch mob may be the perfect example of democracy, there tends to only be one dissenting vote. I think all of you, well most of you would in general object to lynch mobs, so it isn’t Democracy at all costs for you. Not only that, isn’t the United States of America a Republic?

There is a voting age, felons and some others are not allowed to vote. There are currently laws that result in eligible and/or registered voters not being able to vote. I wonder if one is allowed to drink and vote? Likely could as long as you were not caught drinking on the walk or drive there…

I am confused. I get that people will outright lie when they have no apparent reason to. Or lie to avoid saying I do not know, but if there are people who say this and know why the double standard exists. I would like to know.

Because right now I do not know.


not universally required

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