He for She


he built for she

Things men do for women.

The general idea that men go to hospitals less, men do not ask for direction…men are more aggressive, is missing a key component. Why do they do this?

Would men ask for directions at a higher frequency when alone? For example if men and women have access to google maps. Would women use it more when lost than men would? I would be surprised if it was the case. The test would have to account for the difference in general spatial awareness and other variables, general IQ and similar familiarity with tech could be some others. The male instinct to seek the approval of females could lead them to avoid asking for directions as not to appear lost and incapable.

There are some estimates that a single man needs to earn roughly 10% of a married one. It is not controversial to point out that married or coupled men work harder than single ones. They have more reason to work. They want to provide a higher level of security and comfort for their significant other and possible children. This could also lead to them risking personal injury on a higher level than single men would.

It is easy to say that male fight wars. Say that males also die in these wars, and you may be reminded that they are being killed by other males.

Say that males are more likely to be the victims of aggravated assaults and again it’s males that do.

Say that these males disproportionately come from single mother families? Well child grows up without a father, success is in-spite of the lack of father and due to the mother, whereas failure is despite the mother and due to the father.

Females give birth, but males provide the sperm. In western countries more so than ever before, the decision of having the child is in the hands of the female. Males are still held accountable for the result, as they should. When steps are taken that lead to unprotected intercourse sex you are pro creating a life. Procreating.

There are interactions between people. incentives for what people do. Things they seek to accomplish. Males do things for/to/with females and vice versa.

Why ignore this?

Why ignore that men are also more likely to build, heal, invent and create other positive things. The common saying that behind every good man is a good woman, is never equally said of the bad men. Good people attract good people and bad, the bad. So if good women are praised for their good choice, should ones that chose badly also be faulted?

That is all for now. Just some observations as I try to make sense of things.



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