Copy This

Where were you raised?

If you only learn from experience then you expect everyone else to. A statement such as ‘I am black and was raised as a black person so there is no way you can tell me about what black people go through,’relies on this reasoning.

This makes sense if copying is the only way to learn things. It follows that location will determine ones disposition and abilities. This is partially true as, babies begin mimicry of facial expressions right after birth with more intentional copying beginning at around a year old.

Well and good for children but as we grow, things can be learnt through other means.

I am right here trying to understand and view things from a point of view that I do not hold. I also realize they others may hold this view partially because they identify as x, were told they were x by people they were raised around and also told that others have things they will never have.

Can’t be in 2 places at once, nor do 2 things at the same time, life has trade-offs. People will have what you do not as will you have what they do not. This gets to be poisonous when it is viewed as some sort of unjust thievery. They have what was taken from you.

I am me, was raised where I was and have the things I have and not the ones I do not. I can do what I was raised to or decide what was positive and what may be detrimental. I can keep the things I have, Trade them for others, leave them alone. I can because I can. I can because I am me and not what others did, to and/or for me.

We envy some for lives that are making them suicidal while others are killing themselves to have our lives.


Closeup of Blue Irises by Vincent van Gogh


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