Olde American Paradox – The Poor…

…are what is considered rich in most of the world.

People continue to migrate as being poor in the United States is often an upgrade to what was offered where they were. That is part of why people like the States.

There is a relative nature in this, but stupidity and willful ignorance can not be discounted. In middle and high-school at times I considered myself to be poor. Well that’s not quite right, I wasn’t exactly employed, but considered my family to be less well off. This was in the monetary sense, based on whatever limited scope I was aware of at the time. It focused on monetary expenditure, which naturally does not enable you to see the people that have even less money to spend than you do.

I was a a child in mind and body.

I searched more. Found those whom I considered poorer being quite happy with their lives and others that considered me rich that thought I was much happier.

I grew up.

The claims of wealth inequality and poverty that you here in the social discourse reminds me of my past childishness. Where is the true value, is it just in how much money one has to spend? Discounting how they got the money or who they spend it with, or on?

If micro aggression are a reality to you, if people expressing their thoughts on your choices are considered harmful shaming… then congratulations you have won the lottery of life. Lottery, since I cannot consider any of this illness to be a privilege but it is more a lack of a draw. More of a got hit by a lightning bolt kind of luck than anything positive like… nah you are lucky. For these things to matter then your base survival needs are taken care of. What you may lack is self awareness and the responsibility that comes with that.

some amenities of the poor in the USA

amenities of the poor, a bit old but links below

Poverty and struggle used to mean much more to Americans, and still does to most of the world. If you are lucky enough to be in the position you are, realize it is not a right to be there. Nor does it guarantee you will not one day experience the more general definition of oppression…of poverty.

As was said in the Copy This post

We envy some for lives that are making them suicidal while others are killing themselves to have our lives.

Words mean what they mean.


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