Immigration as a Supplement

When you eat, is all food good?

Just shove anything in there right?

Oh this was made in Mexico? Yeah in my mouth you go!

Look there is a different between a McDonald’s burger and one from Five Guys let alone one that’s home made from ingredients you planted picked harvested and prepared. (by the way, if you have not and can, go to Five Guys and get a Bacon Cheesburger. Stop reading this now, get up and go. Or put this on your mobile device and read as you go. But go. ell them I sent you and watch them awkwardly smile and agree as they are paid to be cordial to customers) 

All food is not made equal. Let’s not pretend that you do not know that.

Now if you have perfectly good food at home, why is there a need to go out and get more food? Occasionally it may be just to go out and give your taste buds something new to deal with. Or like me, who likes cooking, you may rather spend your time doing something else and find paying someone else to make it is the good thing to do. Sometimes you want to see a new dish and learn something new.

Those reasons I get. Now how about this.

If you already had a perfectly good bowl 1000 M&M candies, and I presented you with a bowl of 100 M&Ms except 1 or 2 in there may be poisonous. Would you have any reason to eat from my bowl? Or add the contents of my bowl to yours?

If you are going to add something to what you already have, why not make sure it is a supplement and not your detriment?


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