Be Our Guest

When I invite someone to my home I will be courteous. It is actually quite nice to have someone over. Be it a new person or an old friend.

Surprise visits by old friends are also somewhat cool but even this depends on the friend and the time. I may be working, tired or occupied with something else. In this situation I will likely be courteous but will expect them to let me complete what I was doing depending on the urgency of the visit.

If they bring a friend, not too bad as I often get along with friends of friends.

Now, if you come home and find them waiting at the door. If they are inside your house, lounging about after raiding your kitchen and making themselves something to eat, what are your thoughts? Now imagine you do not know any of these people. What do you do?

Next scenario. If you have a flatmate or housemate. You are not against having people over, In general it is somewhat of an open house. They can have their friends over you, yours. There is a general agreement that you give each other the heads up. So and so is coming and such and such time. It works. Now what if it turns into a rotating door system where there are constantly people in the house. In and out without notice. You make it explicit that this is an invite only house but it persists.

You ask your housemates who these people are and they admit they have no way of knowing is coming in and out. No way of knowing who is going to be a friend, there to chill and enjoy the time, or who may be there to steal some CD’s and other things they could get their hands on.. I’m old enough to remember this being a worry during parties. People did used to go to house parties and leave with CD’s. You have a potluck dinner, they bring no food and eat more than those that did. Bring Your Own Booze, they walk in with a 6 pack of cheap beer having drank 3 already and proceed to demand glasses of the best bottles there and are soon drunker than anyone else. Having a movie night? They demand you play what they want, 3rd movie in a series you have already watched, demand it be in the language they choose and tell you to read the subtitles and also explain what is going.

I’ll leave it at that.

Would you be out of place to say let’s stop letting people in before we can get a better clue of who is coming in?

Is this so unreasonable?

There is nothing inherently wrong with having people visit your home. There is nothing inherently wrong with people entering and leaving countries. There is nothing wrong with being selective with immigration, especially in the current reality of states and welfare.


not all but it happens


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