Manly-Male, Gentlemen and Womanly-Female, Ladies

Please listen to this until until 4:23 before reading the rest.

Should men have expectations?

We often hear man up! what would the equivalent of woman up be? Is there one? should they even be one? We are a sexually dimorphous species this makes egalitarianism somewhat illogical…so I do not see any evolutionary reason for humans to have developed any equal demand of woman up!

What would be the point of it?

There is an increase of women asking where have all the good men gone…(many have gone their own way)  for decades aspects of western society have been encouraging females to be more masculine and males more feminine. As most of us are heterosexual, it follows that many of us would be somewhat unsatisfied with the results.

We are constantly evolving. We are entering an age of the mind. There is a paradigm shift occurring where old causes and constraints are being made obscure. Are we at a point where the call to ‘Woman up!’ should be defined somehow?

Is this even a thing?

What would it be to you?

Now watch the rest of the video 🙂



  • Like the video? Karen Straghan aka Girl Writes What has a YouTube channel with more great content. Links to that and other creators can be found on the YouTube page of this site.
  • It’s Time For Women to Woman Up! -Chateau Heartiste. You know you want to rad more of this 🙂
  • You’re welcome

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