Mans Ability to take Life

How many abortions since Roe vs. Wade

Ending a potential life that is in your body is not quite the same as doing it to one that is walking around looking kinda like you. It also is not similar to one standing somewhere across from you because somebody somewhere far away told them they should be here. That person may have cared ones back home like you do. Those cared ones may be part of why they cared enough to be out here.

Men Against Fire : How Many Soilders Actually Fired Their Weapons During the VIetnam War? 3 out of 10, and towards the end 1 out of those 3 may have been their commanding officer.

Life begets life. It is a serious thing. The idea that men are in general violent is wrong. They can be. They can be turned violent. They can be turned into quite lethal weapons. But is this their natural state? No.

How many girls and women have abortions? Does this mean females do not have a nurturing nature?

A minority of soldiers could bring themselves to fire their weapons. To address this problem, the various Military leaders begun the boot camp system to build the soldier mentality. This has been a long time observation of mine that if they knew a regular civilian does not a soldier make, why was there not an attempt to develop a program that would then re-civilianize the soldiers after their tours? A sneaker or loafer camp…sandal camp? I later found out that certain branches of the military are considered lifetime enrollments such as the United States Marines with heir motto of Semper Fidelis (always Faithful or Always loyal) that shows the futility of this may be known.

Now this is to show that there is a cause and effect here. Poverty alone does not result in someone stealing. An verbal insult by itself is not reason for everyone to escalate to physicality. A pregnancy is not reason enough for an abortion. Are there any social incentives that may have increased the likelihood of… abortions.

Cant really say unplanned or unwanted pregnancies since there are many steps to be taken prior to even the choice to haev intercourse that I equate it to jumping of a building and saying you didn’t really plan to hit the ground after you drove there, took the elevator to the ceiling, ignored the warning given to you by people and all the signs. Scaled the protective barrier. Ignored the people that saw you do this what offered to help or suggested you come back, then leaped off the edge.

Males are still rightfully held accountable for things they do that negatively affect others. More light could be shed on the positives they do, but let us at least grant women and girls the same agency that we do men and boys. It is the respectful thing to do.

It is the human thing to do.

Or is it?

Great Presentation.

“…most women are not victims, and most men are good”


 figures to discuss

figures to discuss


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