Business as Usual or Business

I remember claims that Trump was unfit to run because he was not a politician. Of late there are more arguments that nothing will change because he is a politician.

For long I have wondered why would he even run? Why would you have all that and actually subject yourself to this. Subject his family to this level of scrutiny and danger?

Well he said this after someone attempted to rush the stage at one of his rallies.

“And to think I’ve had such an easy life. What do I need this for? What do I need this for? I’ve done great. I love this country. We’re going to make this country great again. It’s payback time.”

I believe that. Can’t really see other reasons that make any sense. Call me what you may, but even better provide me with reasons as to why this is a lie. Ive already expressed an admiration of his wrecking ball effect to the establishment.

There is constant media discussion of why he is doing what he is, but I doubt they have given much coverage to this seemingly candid admission.

He is detailing more of his intended policies, whether he is successful in making America great again, will be something we have to wait and see. I am a bit taken aback by arguments that he should put out more details of his exact plans before he is to be trusted, not only is an environment constantly changing but you do not lay out your plans ahead of a possible negotiation. No one would expect the coach of a sports team to publish their playbook and intended play choice a week ahead of a game. This expectation could explain why many people do not care about the leaks of plans that likely occurred during Hilary Clinton’s tenure as the Secretary of State.

Change is not some new tactic that is called for in politics. The current president promised change, he ran on it. Promised to fundamentally transform* the country for the better. Some of the changes and under his administration may have led to this, point.

A point where it seems to be a choice between politicians and a businessman.

Business as usual or business.



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