Unequal Coverage

There have been observations that the media is shutting out certain political candidates in favor for others. This may be a symptom of the delusion of complete equality. Is every frame on the TV, syllable on the airwaves and letter in an article is equal?

They are not.

Traditional conservative/right have media outlets have been at him for quite some time.  If Trump gets the Republican party nomination, as he seems poised to expect more, from the majority of outlets that are left leaning. I am glad to observe that this is no longer a controversial thing to say. I used to be under the misconception that most of the media was biased to the right, I mean it had to be right? That’s what all the media was telling me…oh wait… youth :/

Unequal airtime is undeniable, the why is of more importance. Hilary Clinton receives preferential coverage as their candidate of choice. She is treated in a manned befitting that which includes downplaying or ignoring Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump is covered more because many would prefer he fail. He is derided, mocked and shown in as negative of a light as they can. Neither attempts by traditional media have been as effective as they had surely hoped. Trump continues to surge, and Sen. Sanders’ message still reaches millions.

Both are an indictment of the established ways of doing things and express how many want change.

American trust in the mass media is at its lowest since stats have been kept. Access to other sources makes it harder by the day to control narratives. If someone has the time and want they can easily check the sources and make up their minds. Unfortunately there seem to be many outlets that do very actual investigative reporting or just reword the same story and talking points.

The warmer temperature is coming and the election season will only heat up. Rhetoric from politicians and media will follow suit. take the time to search out the sources and context of things you find contentious or things that sound very positive. Expect more protests and riots, ask yourself what would it take for you to be out there causing the disruptions that they are? Flip the candidates and think of how the story would be covered.


Part of the distrust in the media has to stem from the claim that Trump’s words insight violence, and that makes him partially if not entirely responsible for the protests and riots that have occurred against his campaign. Surely this claim caused too much cognitive dissonance for many out there. The only way their physical actions would be less their responsibility than Trump’s words would be if you viewed them as inherently less capable than Trump. *there is something to this

If you needed any more evidence at how out of touch the establishment (political or Media) are just follow the election cycle. Makes sense as  no matter how futile or inappropriate it may seem to others  I do not believe anyone does things they do are not convinced is positive.


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