Technologically Magnified

Technology increases efficiency. It made farming more efficient resulting in a massive reduction of the number of people that directly occupy themselves in the production of produce.

Tech has also created more efficient ways of communicating ideas and information. Crowd-Funding sites such as Kickstarter have helped personal idea become something that that can be supported by people all over the world.

Sites such as  have created the means of alerting the general public to different issues. Some are serious but it can also take someones personal grievance and turn it into somewhat of a movement.

Is some fear the same?

Has tech created more fear?

I have ranted on a similar subject before (How the Number of Suffering Rises while the Condition Falls) that discussed the effect of a drop in actual crimerate being overshadowed by increasing reporting of crimes. Now that we know how many attacks happen in other countries does it obscure the local fear?

Social Justice Warrior shenannigans can often be worrying as I have an online content intake that makes it seem like a majority of people are just waiting for you to say something so they can gleefully express their offense? I often find myself wondering that the issues some of these people raise are so trivial than there is no way many people believe this.

Of late I find this followed by a thought that if that is actually a  trivial complaint isn’t being aware of and then commenting on said triviality even that more trivial?

I am not an expert at this. As previously mentioned, I have a comparatively ridiculous massive amount of time and urge to access material online…  and worry about the magnification effect distracting me from more important pursuits.

Don’t let this happen to you, getting caught up in minor issues, when sifting around the universe of information the internet lets you access.

There are untruths out there.

There may also be many more people that actually agree with what you think.

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