TotUrDa : Fit Icelandic Instagrammers

That random early morning thought while looking at an Instagram pic of some random Icelandic cross-fitter, that the names ending with -son and -dottir are likely suffixes that mean (name’s)son and (name’s)daughter respectively.

Typing this I am almost certain they do and wondering if I should even post this.

@katarinatanja if your interested of which cross-fitter it was. @ingacoach attended high-school with her. From the little I knew about her she is a great person and now i know a some ancestor was named Inga 🙂


Inga daughter of Inga?

That was Todays Unresearched Dalliance, where I share some thoughts I have yet attempted to confirm. May be pointless, false or gold. Feel free to comment below if offended, in agreement or otherwise inclined, or Icelandic.


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