tis Nairobi : The Sound of Sounds


There is a lot to be said about having one when you need them, but not as much about living in a place without the need of them.

It is a testament to Human nature, how we can adjust to different living conditions. What we do to mold our environments to fit our wants and needs. We are quite hardy in our own ways.

In most Nairobi homes and buildings there is the lack of central heating and other air-conditioners. Due to weather and likely cost, they are not nearly as prevalent as they are Stateside. This may seem quite oppressive to some, as most think heat when Africa or Kenya is mentioned, but during the truly hot seasons it is dry heat and not the oppressive humid summers some of my friends reading this may have experienced in the north eastern states or time in Rome.

I rented a room in a beautiful flat in Turin that had a mini-balcony facing the alps. It overlooked a construction site buy the Porta Nuova train station. There was constant work during most days that was also quite enthralling to watch. There were also 2 2 major train tracks, that generated a lot of noise and some vibration as they rumbled past. Got used to that in a matter of weeks. We as humans can be quite adaptable.

A similar thing happens in many developed world homes. The constant background noise of the central heating. Sometimes added to the fridge and or freezer, a washing machine and other ambient noises. A few days ago I was picking somehtign up by a power-strip and heard this odd buzzing emanating from it. If you are in a city the sounds of human activity become a soundtrack to your life.

Not sure I would ever truly get used to it, but instead you take more notice of the benefits from it. Same can be said with this small silver lining from the power outages in Nairobi. If you are home and the power goes out at night or during the day when people are at work and kids at school you can have times of near complete silence.



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