Annoying Sayings : IRL (In Real Life)

I get it, I get it.

Okay, I lied. I do not get it.

If you are alive and doing something you are doing it In Real Life (IRL).

This may be an offshoot of the idiom ‘keeping it real.’

The internet is an integral part of the lives of almost all of you reading this. It is arguably integral to the entire world. Even if someone is living in some village with no electricity, the batteries that power the radio they listen to daily were likely ordered, delivered, or otherwise put together through some internet enabled means.

If you are watching Netflix or other internet based TV is that not IRL? If you are playing versus some friends across the ocean in FarCry 4 coordinating some outpost takeover, is that not IRL? When you Skype with your spouse while on a trip so you can check in on your kids is that not IRL?

Why is reading a book IRL to some but reading a blog post is not, and where would Kindle or other digital reader be?

The internet is a tool. It is another form of communication. It actually bothers me how few people in ‘power’ are familiar with it. Take some time to think of how different the world will be when people making decisions with global effects have been chatting with people all over the world since they were children.




4 responses to “Annoying Sayings : IRL (In Real Life)

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