Plenty of Fish in Much More Sea

“There are plenty more fish in the sea.” This is a well known idiom. Often used in reference to relationships after experiencing a breakup or having have been single for a while.

Here is my take on it.

A man has been going out to his favorite fishing spot once a week for the last 40 years. The man has never caught anything of note in the spot. It just has a convenient location to where he lives, is relatively scenic and he knows the waters quite well. One day he takes his grandson out to the spot.

The grandson had only recently begun to practice casting with an rod from magazines and other online sources. The man is glad to show and teach the boy how he learned to bait a hook, and gives him some basics on using lures.

After a few uneventful tries, the boy gets a tug on his line. His grandfather is there cheering him along. The boy remembers the practice he had, the sources he learned from and listens to the advice his grandfather is giving. He ends up reeling in the biggest most magnificent fish ever caught in the area.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but today more than ever, there is far more sea. Movement and time are part of the nature of fish, the sea and yourself. A few minutes typing sending messages out on some online dating site during a lunch-break could have prevented you from going out to the restaurant around the corner and bumping into a great match.

You may go on a weekend trip to a friends wedding and miss out on a connection with an online match who then decides to close their account since they never meet anyone worthwhile.

What if I’m typing this and instead could have bumped into someone while taking a walk? What if someone reading this thinks I’d really like to meet the guy that wrote this?

Enough what ifs.

Tech and travel have opened up options for dating and interactions. Could say it was ‘easier’ if you grew up in a town of 100 people to find someone to start a family with. Makes for a good argument as for the majority of human history we haven’t had the ability to meet or know of so many people. There is a change of moving from a town to a major city, even without the exponential number of available connections given through tech.

That being said, you are still 2 people that need to like each other when you meet. It is likely more about having begun dong what you want to do with your life and future and finding someone who appreciates it and wants to take part in it.

I’ll keep doing what I want to do as often as I can and am sure that is the best way to run into someone doing the things they want to do, that put and may keep us in the same places.


  • A few more fish thoughts : If that old man had caught the ancestor of the fish his grandson caught, it would not have been spawned to begin with. If he hadn’t been catching some fish in the area it may never have created the conditions where a fish that large would be there. If both had stayed home and done nothing …
  • Here is a cool story : Small boy lands monster sturgeon |



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