This is wrong

What’s with all the white people?! This is the Google images results for dreadlocks. 1 black male and 1 female?  14 pictures and only 6ish People Of Color!!! Why -ish, you ask? Jason Momoa is Hawaiian/European not sure he counts. Lenny Kravitz is half Jewish… here is Amandla Stenberg* of similar ethnic background educating you on this  Don’t Cash Crop my Cornrows

So having dreadlocks is cultural appropriation, but actually appropriating other humans actual hair and weaving it into your own scalp is not?

I have had many occasions where I did not do a thing to my hair. It begins to lock up but for actual proper dreadlocks** some care must be put into it. This follicle related appropriation is almost entirely claimed by self identified black women and their spokespeople against white people in general. Could be some men in there to but can’t think of one or be bothered to look.

It is not a new issue. People asserting what sort of appearance is owned by or relates to certain things as I rAnted about 8 years ago8 years. Arghh why wont it stop!

Hair styles though?

Come on now, stop with that noise. Entirely too many women out here, and men doing all sorts of things to their hair, for any claims of appropriating anything to be given validity.  Made these images on the current trend of changing hair colors. It’s a choice people make to have their hair in a certain way. Ponytails do not appropriate anything neither do cornrows.

Why are people putting so much significance in it. Its not some sort of religion, hmm oh wait…

  • Click following link for 20 Minute Documentary : Indian Temple’s Billion Dollar Hair Industry. A western performer and purchaser of human hair, goes to India to see some of the process behind this, and comes back with a higher appreciation for the hair. :/
  • **A bit more about Dreadlocks and their history prevalence : wiki
  • Al jazeera English have a documentary called Hair : India that you can search out. I am beginning a policy to not share links to things with comments disabled also AJ+, just eww
  • *That scene with Rue though, “you’re okay, you’re okay.” I was not okay 😥

4 responses to “#HINDIHAIRMATTERS

  1. Hello. This is interesting. I remember a time, (I know I’m showing my age), when white people couldn’t stand dreadlocks. Corporate America still, to a point, frowns upon dreads in the workplace. But we should all know by now who is going to make it acceptable.
    [Hint: it won’t be a person of color.]

    Thanks for the moderation.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. The historical usage of dreadlocks is varied. I was in Kenya a few years ago and they had a stigma there as well. Sure some of the independence fighters had the hairstyle but so did some of the current Mungiki Gang that was associated with a lot of criminal activity including some of the post election violence in 2007. The hairstyle was feared and profiled there for that and other reasons.


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