You Keep Making that Argument…

You’ve heard a version of this argument, you may have made it. I sure used to because is factual. Terrorists kill more Muslims than any other one religious group.

This is a fact not a defense.

Associating a high concentration of Muslims with a higher occurrence of terrorist attacks, will not make anyone any more comfortable to be around more Muslims. Do more Muslims mean more suicide bombs just because more suicide bombs go off where more Muslims are? Not so much, if you look at a country like Saudi Arabia when was the last non-state sanctioned violence occurring within the country?

So yes it isn’t all, but it is enough.

What is it about the Muslims coming from the areas more ravaged by terrorism that causes Saudi Arabia to not take in refugees and migrants? If the terrorism is in a large part due to western meddling in the Middle East then there should be less reason to lash out at majority Muslim populations.

Look, if terrorists happen to attack places where there are more Muslims then why, oh why, why why, would anyone want to have the number of Muslims increase in their location? Ignoring this, and dissuading conversations will make it harder to identify and address the very real problem of…




  • This more Muslims are killed is like walking around after a snowstorm in a place it hardly ever snow snows and saying, you know you shouldn’t worry so much about slipping on the ice, up north people slip on the ice a lot more.

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