Is Common Sense Common?

Is it common sense that common men do common things?

If it was wouldn’t we all just understand that any mass decision would most often result in common results? When applied to voting, wouldn’t the result be of average quality?  People may say they are surprised by results but do they actually act that way?

I do not know how intelligent I am, and often doubt it is much more than common*. This is not entirely out of humility. I have often thought of the amount of information, time and life experience that led me to believe what I do and try to not project that life onto others. Now life experience plays a part in ones intelligence and abilities. No matter your experiences between you and the opposite spectrum, most people will be somewhere in the middle.

commonflowersNo matter how much General Intelligence either myself or you have when you take society in whole the majority will be in the middle. Considering that, is it unrealistic to expect anything different out of the world.

When it is applied to politics you are in a bit of a quandary.  If there are more average voters, then it is most likely they will elect a person who would be average at whatever they do. Their best estimation in a completely representative democracy would be of average quality.

If a small benevolent group could run things in generally universal suffrage environment, one may have appeared by now, but it seems more likely that those of intellect would very quickly understand the futility of it all.

This questions the small state arguments that Libertarians, Minarchists  and others make. Many religions are structured in this benevolent leader paradigm, which may partially explain why Libertarians and Minarchists can comfortably be theists.

I’ll finish with some questions stemming from past flirtations with egalitarianism. If everyone was equal then why vote? Why would it matter who run things? If absolute equality is a virtue we should pursue in society shouldn’t all votes cast be equally spread amongst the potential candidates?



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