#MaybeHeDoesntHitYou : Facebook Trending and Abuse

This hashtag was trending on Facebook. It pointed out a few things I have noticed.

Shall begin with an observation relating to the reports that Facebook has been ‘curating’ it’s trending topics feed; favoring sources and stories that better fit whatever image they are trying to portray. You can search more about that but I’ll use these two comments from a recent trending topic.


This was from what appeared to be a male.


This from a female.

Same text.

I have noticed this in other posts. Trending topics shared by people presenting the same commentary. Sometimes the wording is slightly changed or a little extra is added. Now is this intentionally done by Facebook employees, or is it just people copy pasting things they think need to be said, or just Like-fishing?

I am not against any of these. Was not surprised at what Facebook was/is doing by directing what is trending. They are a private company with their own particular vision.

Now let’s discuss the #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou Hashtag.

Domestic abuse,  as recently blogged about in  We Were Abused as Children, is unfortunately still prevalent. As the mental abuse does not leave the evidence such as welts, cuts and bruises that physical abuse does, it often often lasts longer. For that and other reasons it’s results are then overlooked, accepted and in cases glorified by society.

(Everything seemed so normal…)

(You made a commitment to them you should stay…)

(You are beautiful no matter what you do to yourself, listen to me but not anyone else…)

Be it outwards aggression, the passive abandonment to your personal depression* this can effect those around you, especially those dependent on you. Adults have the option of leaving. If your wife does not hit you, but constantly disparages you, you can leave.

If your boyfriend insists on making you look like a fool every time you are in public, say something and if it continues you can leave.

If a woman, whatever her intentions may be, begins a hashtag campaign that may give focus on the non-physical violence males perpetrate, as an adult, I can write this post.I can use the following hashtag, like others did, to not only point out that females as well, mentally abuse males and females.


More importantly I will use it to point to what we went through as kids, and what continues to, and what may happen.




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