Politics : Get What Was Paid For

Was watching a video of Canada’s House of Commons during a question period exchange with their Prime Minister Trudeau. I actually shuddered at how they behaved themselves.

Earlier in the day I had tried to visit a governmental agency to find that they were still on winter hours well into the spring.

I lamented to my friend “what are we paying them for!?”

Then it dawned on me. We do not pay them.

Expecting us to have anything to do with how they carry out their jobs would be akin to having someone steal your car. Following them, and pestering them to make sure they take the car in for a checkup every 50,000 miles. Or that they keep it clean and waxed, change it to snow tires during the winter.

Car has been stolen.

If they cared about what you wanted to do with the car they’d have let you keep it. If politicians cared what we want to do with our money, they wouldn’t have taxed it for their salaries to begin with.

It is inherent in it. We say “I’ll choose you to do what you want to do on my behalf.” They respond “I will abide by your choice to not have a choice, but abide by mine.”

:::Discretion advised, he speaks in french or Québecois in this::::

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