Using Tech IRL

This annoys me to a certain level.

I was in the camp of ooh look at those people out at that table sitting there and everyone is on their phones. Then I grew up and realized the world has changed.

Once upon a time someone was all, “Look at these kids these days, instead of getting on this horse and riding days to the port, getting on a ship for some weeks, to another few day carriage ride to see their friend, they are just sending a telegram. They are so impersonal these days. Whats happening to the world!!”

Don’t be that guy…


…or gal.

The internet and current forms of communication are bringing us together. If you are antisocial ‘IRL’ you will likely be anti social on the internet. You do not have to, but you could.

Before the Net what would happen if 4 people were sitting around and there was a lull in the conversation. They’d likely just sit there, preferably with actual constructive thoughts in their mind, sometimes just wondering why no one is talking. Today you can pull out one of those super computers that we call a cellular phone and connect with others.

Yes, there are certain times where I disconnect.When at a gym, I will leave my phones in the locker. At certain meetings, it is courteous to shut it off or in the least have the phone on silent, but in a casual social setting? What’s the objection to phone usage? There are occasions where a question comes up that would have been left unanswered and possibly ended a conversation. Having access to essentially the entirety of human knowledge or contacting a friend next door or across oceans is nothing short of a blessing. How many nights have been grinding to an end until you all checked your phones and found something that extends it?

Technology magnifies things. If you are social you can meet more people, if anti-social find more ways to avoid people.

I am thankful for the internet. Without it I would have lost touch with many people. Those I met in grade school… in the pre-internet times I can hardly remember… Now as for those I met after that, especially in college and after, through the internet I have been able to stay in touch with several and reconnect with a few ‘IRL.’ Not to mention the many I have met through initial tech based platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 18.55.51.png

Technology saving this boy from spending any more time or money on another date


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