On Monday the 16th of May, 2016, members and supporters of the main opposition party in Kenya held a protest calling for the reform of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

The protests did not end peacefully.

Here is a story by Citizen TV, on the top local channels


When people use the hashtag or claim to be members of the movement. What black lives do they mean? The main cases seem to be in response to police brutality. Their main public expression seems to be in protesting and disrupting.

What one means when they say ‘black’ has been discussed on this blog. Some months back listening to a Thomas Sowell audio book, he presented research showing the discrepancies in financial achievement of the different black people in America.

If it was simply a case of skin color than there should be no difference between black African Americans whose parents immigrated in the 90’s  and the descendants of multiple generations.

This was not the case.

Well it’s the legacy of slavery is what holds back the multi generational Americans. The fact that there has been a steady decline in familial stability and general social mobility over 70 years that is also present to a lesser extent in non-black people goes against this feeble assertion. let alone the accounts of freed slaves walking across states to find their families…

This may be somewhat of a digression, so let me get back to #BLACKLIVESMATTER in relation to this above case of police brutality.

Are police supposed to be gentle? Not really. In most cases you call the police to use force on your behalf, be it for your protection, retribution or otherwise. They are agents of force.

Is this a case of Police preventing free speech?

If it is, what are #BLACKLIVESMATTER and other protestors doing when they disrupt restaurants, traffic, gatherings and other people in public going on about their own business? I can imagine the general outcry if police behaved this way towards protestors. Coincidentally there are reports of opportunistic youths taking advantage of the protests to harass and loot people and stores whereas there is recorded proof of this happening in the USA

I am heading back to Nairobi in a few days. This scene is not indicative of Nairobi, or Kenya I know and have shared before. Seeing these videos and images yesterday and thinking that I could have been there while recognizing the  locations, streets I’d walked and workplaces of people I know. That being said, it has happened and is a part of it.

Where it came from and the reasons that led to this are serious, most likely numerous and should not be discounted. I kind of come from Kenya and as I do with other things including Ideas, care about where things come from.


I do not expect most in #BLACKLIVESMATTER to care about what is going on in Kenya. They are not focused on this. Doesn’t fit their narrative. Events leading to “Hands up, don’t shoot” have been discredited as never having happened but is still used and no attempt to walk back previous use of it has been made. This indicates they do not very much care where things come from. Does this extend to the people they refer to when they say ‘black’? Is it only the skin color that counts? Isn’t judging people based on apparent race the definition of racism?

  • Reportedly the man in the Green hoodie that was beaten and stomped on by a police officer

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