Protesting Protest : Olde American Paradox

In Which #BLACKLIVESMATTER? I discussed the ongoing protests In Nairobi, Kenya and the violence that has occurred during it. The opposition party and leaders vowed that they will continue these protests every Monday until their demands of reform of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Committee are met.

In Kenya, some have grievances with the establishment.

There are protests for their grievances to be heard.

The Violence has escalated. 2 Mondays ago a protestor/rioter was caught on video being clubbed and stomped. This past Monday shots were fired, some live rounds included, killing at least two protestors/rioters. Police were also assaulted by some of the rioters.

The opposition has made attempts to go through the established means to address their concerns and has come to this. There are elements without the protests, that even if not part of them have taken advantage of their occurrence to be violent and engage in looting and harassment. Argue on the validity or effectiveness of having to apply for permission form the very institution you are protesting against but by the current laws, these IEBC demonstrations are illegal. They also are disruptive costing people millions of dollars and now lives.

A few hours ago the opposition called a hold on next Mondays’ protest. This has been on and off my mind for about a week.

While having lunch with my mom, I looked at one of the televisions in the food court to see on crawl at the bottom that Anti-Trump protestors in New Mexico have become violent.

Later I find this article online,  Anti-Trump protestors turn violent outside of New Mexico rally. The rally is a private event, so it is within legal bounds to secure those attending and expel people that are unwelcome.

As a presidential nominee under Secret Service protection there some legalities that further challenge how right the protestors are that may extend past the threats to the safety of Donald  J Trump and those in attendance.

“HR 347 did not technically make it “illegal to protest anywhere the Secret Service is present,” as a law to that effect had already been in place for over forty years. “

They have attacked police, and damaged federal property. Again you can argue about the veracity or need there of a police or state, but it is the world we live in, and the rioters I mention for the best of my knowledge are not anarchists. So there are laws they and most of us agree to live under that are being broken.

The participants know this. In one of their own words.

“Karla Molinar, a University of New Mexico student, said she participated in disrupting Trump’s speech because she felt he was attacking members of her family who are living in the country illegally. She said she believes Trump is using them as scapegoats for the nation’s problems.”

In the country illegally.

In the USA, some have grievances with the establishment.

There  are protesting to not have to hear those grievances.

Shame on you. If you were capable of feeling shame I doubt you would be able to protest in this way or support those that do.

None the less, I add once more, shame on you.


  • from the God Emperor Trump facebook page. The memes on here are hilarious. My friends that are American, and those that like the United States and things it stands for, you really should not take it for granted how valuable just being able to say what you want is. How valuable it is that you can say what you do about your politicians and be met with little to no resistance. Just go online and look at memes about your politicians.

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