The Bankruptcy of 4 Bankruptcies

What is success?

What is winning?

What percent of winning must be achieved for one to be considered a winner?

A new friend posted an article of the CEO of Disney , Robert Alan Igers response to some comments Bernie Sanders made about whether the company pays its employees a “living wage.” I have and will likely continue writing about this likely intentionally undefined and nebulous term but something else led me to type this post.  Of late I have been posting and seeing political and other ‘untalkables’  and glad to find others are taking the time  to share thoughts in the comments. In the case of this article I happened upon this comment in defense of senator Sanders.

“I mean it’s not like he’s ever gone bankrupt… 4 times… or hid his money in Panama tax havens like the other 2 candidates.”

My response:

The Bankruptcy thing… I’ve never lost a qualifier to run in the Olympic 100 meter dash final. Usain Bolt has. Usain Bolt is still an amazingly successful sprinter and athlete. I’ve never even tried to run professionally. Even if it was a personal bankruptcy reliant on himself entirely, and not more of a team environment, relying on the participation of numerous other factors, it has become increasingly baffling in what context it is brought up.

Keeping it in sports what is a successful hitter in baseball? 1-2 out of 10 pitches gets a base? What ratio would satisfy your definition of being a great businessman?

Anyway thanks for posting the bankruptcy thing once again, it resulted in me finally researching some of the details going into baseball stats and will go type a blog post on it now. 🙂

Instead of making a comparison to something I did not quite know about to ask someone why they were making a comparison to something they seem to not know about, I decided to take some time to inform myself.

I may have thought of the acronym ERA knowing that was Earned Runs A… found out that was Average, which is the number or earned runs allowed divided by pitches in 9 innings; but what I really thinking of was how many time the batter gets on base out of the times he goes up to bat which is On-Base Percentage; but the success percentage I was thinking of was Batting Average  which I thought had something to do with number of at bats and runs scored, but that’s actually mostly for it’s use in the sport it originated in, Cricket.

Why not count the runs scored in baseball? Well fittingly for this case, Henry Chadwick in adapting the statistic from Cricketm accurately pointed out that runs scored in baseball was far more dependent on other the quality of hitters on your team. The higher quality of hitters before you bat results in people on base to score whenever you hit whatever it is you hit. As in if someone hits Home-runs half the time they are up to bat but no one else on their team can get single, they score 1 run half the time. If you have a  team of people that regularly hit singles  followed by one that hits doubles half the time. The guy hitting doubles could outscore the home-run hitter per at bat.
Now I know a bit more about baseball annnnd still likely won’t become more of a fan. What are these bankruptcies connected to Donald Trump? If they had any veracity do you not think his opponents would have kept harping on them. Do you not in the least wonder why they are no longer constantly brought up. Is it by chance that those who stand to gain most from making the man seem incompetent have researched the claim and know that it is at best a sound-bite and in certain cases may only show that the person stating it has no idea how businesses work?

Terms float around, just because we have familiarity with the fields they pertain to, does not mean we are knowledgeable in their usage. Take the time before you say things to find out what they mean. If you are reading this you have access to the same internet I did to find out the above info.

We can ill afford to be uninformed.

Do not be intellectually bankrupt.


  • Even if I was a fan of baseball take a look at all these stats Baseball Statistics. Can one really be extremely knowledgeable in multiple sports let alone multiple fields of anything? When it comes to Trump, I do acknowledge and respect his ability o have been quite successful at some many different things.
  • I went to Disney world over a decade ago and still consider it to have been one of the place where money is well spent. You know there are thousands there, and millions yearly but it somehow feels like it is being done for you. Found the Meme below on the Pixiedust Required blog and more Disney from Memecenter



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