Brexit : The Movie

Politics may finally matter. The USA presidential election has been unignorable. Like it or not people are talking about it. I like it and have been talking about it. I am posting this from Nairobi where politics continue to be a hot topic. I have discussed some of the heated events that have occurred. This post will focus on an upcoming political event in Britain. As some of you may know Kenya was a colony of Britain. On June 23rd 2016 the United Kingdom  will vote on referendum on its membership in the European Union. Independence or…


Will this former colonizer become a defacto colony under a governing body they did not vote for or have any way of controlling.

From the little that I know I have been in favor of them voting out of the euro. Voting for a Brexit. After watching the following documentary my support was  reaffirmed. If you are interested, especially if you can vote take the time to watch this documentary, and share it with others.

Next I will share two videos one by Mike Maloney who is going to break down and analyze the above documentary. He tends to take things on from a financial standpoint so expect a lot of that. It will be a series so make sure to subscribe to his channel , bookmark his website or find some other way to keep track of the subsequent releases.

The the other video is by The Moment of Truth Pat Condell who gives an impassioned plea to all concerned to make an informed and thought out decision in what may be the most important and far-reaching election in his and any other current Britons lifetime.

  • Financial Times’ UK’s EU Referendum : Brexit Tracker
  • Wikipedia : About the Referendum
  • Mr Condell had some words about the current United States President, here are some of my previous words: United in States of Denial.
  • Just as I was posting this Stephan Molyneux at Freedomain Radio released his analysis of it so here that is. As per usual for the Truth About series the sources for the content, graphs and charts in the video are provided in the show notes.

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