Equation of Responsibility

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 00.29.57

Not all, but enough.

if a = b


a + x = y


b + x = y

This is a simple basic equation.

if x = action by percent of people and y = shared quality then;

a = whites b = blacks.

white people + some white people had slaves = whites responsible for slavery then Black people + some black people are criminal = blacks responsible for crime. Or Muslims + some Muslims are terrorists = Muslims responsible for terrorism. Or Men + Some men rape = Teach men not to rape. Or Females + some females make false accusations = Teach females not to lie.

now if x = percent of representation versus number of population and y = reason then :

if Blacks are 15 % of population + not 15% of film awards winners = racism then if Whites are 50% of population + not 50% of NBA Award winners = Racism. Or if Men are 49% of the population + 95% fortune 500 company CEO’s = Sexism then if women are are 51% of population + 5% of workplace deaths = Sexism.

If a cop shoots someone it is proof cops are targeting those people, terrorizing them.

Does this apply to black on other violence? Muslim on other? Black Muslim Female cop on other?

If a male nerd points out that he was teased by women and felt they were uninterested in him in favor of more stereotypically fit males, it is in his mind. He is one of those I am a nice guy you must like me creeps. If a woman is teased by males or finds they are more attracted to the sterotypically fit females. Society needs be more accepting of women. It is Patriarchy. Institutionalized misogyny.



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