This is Nairobi : Pests n Pets

More on the interaction with animals.

I was living in an old railways compound. The home was on 1.5 acres. there were 4 different homes. 2 modified Servants quarters, and added home and the main house.

There was a lot of lovely open space. The houses were older and due to the current real-estate boom the space was gaining in value, there were not too many open spaces of the size this close to the central business district anymore.

So with a decent slice of the great outdoors you have some tradeoffs. Mosquitoes were plentiful, Slugs, even some black ones were expected  seasonally. Had to rethink my mattress on the floor preference after a stinging caterpillar crawled under my pillow.

But you also got the outdoors, got to lay outside in the sun with my neighbors dogs and just bask.

If it rained termites were around every light, and in your home crawling through the not so airtight windows and vents.

The groundskeeper had a little over a quarter acre to himself. He farmed some of it and begun a rather successful side business selling chickens and occasionally ducks to passer-by’s. There was a branch campus of a university down the street so customers were plentiful.

Well more outdoor related issues were mice. Cleaning out my room I once found some baby mice. They were unable to even walk. I scooped them onto a dustpan and took them out to the groundskeeper to ask what should be done with them.

He took the dustpan, threw them to the ground where a few chickens rapidly pecked them up.

I do think this may not be the free-range most of you think have in mind.

Chickens will apparently eat anything… maybe that’s why so many things taste like chicken.


  • What the compound looked like late 2015. As mentioned the with the location the possible value of erecting 8 newer homes on that amount of land was too much to ignore.
  • Previous post on other chicken/pet related Nairobi adventures.

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