“My African-American” – Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump, after decades in the public eye, is finally showing his true racist nature. He continues to expose himself by referring to a supporter as “My African American.”

This is just… when an African American, hell, when Kenyans say that Barack Obama is ‘My’ President, ‘Our’ president etc etc. Is that racist? What if it’s a white person that voted for Barack. Is that bad? Is the determining factor on who is saying what depend on Race? When news reporters say that Clinton is likely going to get the minority vote, as they are her constituents is that racist? When people declare to be on team x or team my are they being owned? Do you think any one in the African Americans for Bernie group would consider themselves not ‘his’ supporters?

This is going to get much more comical and possibly frightful. The Media and others are seriously just going apoplectic possibly due to how inane the things they are reaching for are. This comes after seeing stories a few days ago about some issue with Veterans from 1991. Half. A. Century. AGO.

Oh but sure past history counts, unless you are a minority in an altercation with law enforcement. Or a democratic front runner for president…71% of Democrats think she should keep running if indicted by the FBI. Do they not care about her past, do they doubt the validity of the FBI, does it even matter?

I am no longer even offended, much like Gregory Cheadle was not about Trumps comments.

Oh African American man, you were not offended? Well here I am to tell you that you obviously are unable to decide even something as simple as when someone offended you, so lets jump to your defense because we know focusing on ones race is the last thing to do. You must not have heard that anything experienced by one of you is what all of you feel.


So the collectivists that group people together and project one mind onto them are of course at it again. One x person is offended, its because everyone is against x people. One X person is not offended, its because they cant see that everyone is against x people.

There are tons of groups for all candidates that identify themselves as their race, culture, pastime,nationality and other things and declare they are for candidates. Here is the video. See it in somewhat of a context.


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