Orlando Massacre

Walking around NYC  I often have headphones in my ears when not gazing at skyscrapers I enjoy taking in the human activity all around me. These last few days I noticed how many public displays of affection between homosexual couples there were. It was just a random observation out of countless others

The news of the massacre in Orlando is was not something expected, is categorically abhorrent and unfortunately unsurprising.

That someone would choose to target people for murder in what seems highly to be due to their consensual relationships in this way.

His father also said it had nothing to do with religion. Sally Kohn may  disagree.Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 13.59.26.pngNo Sally, no one really gets to tell people what they can say the problem is. I can say that the religion this person had was a part, if not the main part of the problem. What other ‘intolerant extremists’ in this day and age are doing things to this level?

Because why did his dad say that his son had seen some men kiss and it angered him?

Then there is this

You can say its not how you practice it or those you know practice it, but this very much has something to do with the religion of Islam.

Next, when ‘family’ of murderers say that they had no inkling this person was about to go kill people. When religious leaders come out and say no one could have predicted this, then what is their defense for saying the Muslim community should be approached and befriended in order to be more open to identifying and outing potential terrorists?

If family members and fellow followers cannot tell the difference between a moderate and an extremist then why is it so unreasonable to be worried about letting in more people that claim to be followers of the religion of peace? They are either completely unable to see the signs, and there are signs, or they see them and do not consider them worth reporting.

I’m not the only one that sees this, and the results of the election in November will  almost certainly prove this.

Yet one more thing that sickens me. When someone tries to discuss the likely causes  and potential solutions of such horrific actions and others counter with the general ‘people died so why must you make this political’. If it is a white, male shooter and people go onto race or gun politics, you hardly see these comments.

This isn’t the most organized rant. Just disgusted. Disturbed at how natural the news came in to me as it unfolded. Worried about where and what will happen next. Very hopeful that it actually is coming to an end. That enough of the general populace is finally ready to start discussing  this to pin-point and address the issue(s).


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