#NOTALLARTISTS are parastatal…

or parasitical.

Eu referendum results are in. Brexit it is.

There was some horrendous fear-mongering, from racially charged advertising campaigns to taking advantage of sudden violent death, and it is likely to continue with cries of woe is us to the warnings of terrrrrubbblllle terrrrruuuubbblllle things to come.

Here is an article by Maev Kennedy from the Guardians Live coverage of the referendum.


The arts face many challenges in the wake of the Brexit vote, the actor and director Samuel West has warned. West, who is chair of the National Campaign for the Arts, said:

The vast majority of those working in the cultural sector backed a vote to remain. We are now very concerned about our ability to access important European funding, such as the €1.3bn Creative Europe programme. But the implications for the arts don’t end with money. There are a host of other issues that we must address over the coming months: international artistic exchange, export of cultural products, copyright, visas and access to training in European centres of excellence, to name just some. The National Campaign for the Arts will do all it can to ensure that an exit from the EU does not mean a fall from our position as world leaders in the arts and creativity.

Samuel West.

Samuel West

We call on the secretary of state for culture, media and sport to do everything in his power to ensure that there is no further damage to the sector as a result of yesterday’s vote. This has been a hard-fought and difficult campaign. Now more than ever the arts need resources and support to allow us to play a role in bringing communities back together and to continue to fly the flag for British culture.


Just…I don’t even.

The artists and others in the ‘cultural sector’ supported their interests which differ from what many Britons wanted.

As Upton Sinclair said “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

Look at his face. This is an earnest man. Earnestly deluded but earnest none the less.

How many others are?

How many politicians, reporters, pundits and people in general are in their own worlds occasionally taking time to project it on others?  Sooner than expected to be former* Prime Minister David Cameron was staunchly in support of staying in the EU and has opted to resign.

More should follow his lead.

I do not consider this a petulant childish reaction to not having ones way, but instead an admission that his policies and intent of staying in are such a part of his character that it would be hard to effectively take part in the process of exiting and reasserting whatever level of Independence they will now have.

More should resign from their posts.

Mr. West won’t. He is not interested in the people but in the funding. He is now interested in the people’s money through taxes to be dolled out through the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.** He serves who pays and was paid by Europe. Claiming that it is now of utmost importance for the British to be united by people that were against what Britain will now do is somewhat trite.

The other concerns mentioned by Mr. West come down to money and livelihood. This is as true of people who voted for exiting as it is of the remain camp. What’s so wrong with admitting that?

So over the next days weeks and months, when you hear people decry the coming horrors. Hear them say how shocking and unexpected this is. Try to think of their worlds not yours. Just try and empathize and ask yourself, what kind of life would earnestly have a Brexit engender those feelings of dread and horror.

What have they lost or stand to?

This may gain you some insight into how the world works.

  • *Here I go with some conspiroerizing. Cameron has said that he will step down in some months. That the next Prime minister will be in charge of initiating Article 50 that pulls Britain out of the EU and what follows. He will be meeting with the EU Bureaucrats over the next weeks. Could findings of ‘inconsistencies’ in the counting of the votes materialize and overturn the result and his resignation?
  • **Attending a past Safari7s Rugby tournament during a discussion on the growth of local sports, Kenya’s Ministry for Sports Culture and arts came up. The sportscaster I was talking to, pointed out that sports in other countries have gained success without a ministry to spearhead those efforts and the same would likely need to be done in Kenya. I thought this was true of the USA but now I see there is one in the UK… did they just follow the success or lead it?
  • Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 07.25.36“The best predictor of a vote for remain is the proportion of residents who have a degree. In many cases where there are outliers to a trend, the exceptions are in Scotland.” Demographic Breakdown of voting. Scotland needs to step up on its indoctrination center techniques.
  • Speaking of sports, hilarious Tweet is hilarious.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 06.08.00


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