United States of America the Greatest at Everything?

I moved around as a child. Across and in-between continents and cultures. Much of the time in the United States was in a rather affluent major city suburbia followed by small town rural heartland. In 2007, for a myriad of reasons, I left thinking if this was what greatest place in the world had to offer then I should go see other places.

Almost a decade later I am trying to establish a place here in the greatest country in the world.

The time I spent outside the States, in the old and the developing world, gave me a new vantage point on how to look at the USA. The great things it has done, good and evil. Not the absurd claims that virtue-signaling, trigger warning-requiring, safe-space inhabiting, race-baiting, unhealthy-lifestyle-choice accepting, useful-fools of cultural-Marxist, social justice ‘warrior’ types standing on a facade of cultural relativism and egalitarianism constantly harp upon but actual evils.

Evil as great the Good that came out of the country, culture and it’s people such as the Abolitionist movement to end the worldwide institution of human slavery. Great evil has resulted from the foreign policy these last few decades. I first heard the video below a few days ago as a podcast and it has been on my mind since.

Much of the content was not new, but it struck me more than usual.

There is a line in this video around the 40 minute mark, when he mentions what thoughts the the sound of something flying above may bring.

I was recently Nephew who is at the early age of joyfully using the few he knows whenever he can. If something was flying in the sky he would repeat the word plane. If outside he would often look for and call it to the attention of anyone present. Sometimes he would hear it before anyone else would. I now realize that the part in this video, made me imagine how horrific that would be if this was some sort of early warning system for some peoples lives, if my Nephew saying plane did not bring happy agreement but thoughts of potential death seconds away.

I want to share this with people.

I need to.

I have to.

I type this as the NYC Pride Parade makes it s way down 5th Avenue behind me. Blasting Music by Madonna followed by Pokerface by Lady Gaga. Interspersed with whistles and a man on a PA system asking the onlookers to put their hands in the air.

NYCpride.rantatonneThis too, is the United States of America. A place where Madonna can still do whatever it is she’s doing these days besides wearing clothes. Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress and then years later be on a panel with the Dalia Lama discussing world peace. In the middle of the day you can parade down one of the main streets of the largest city just to say you are proud to be gay.

More whistling and yelling from the parade. What would whistling and yelling portend for gays in many countries…

A myriad of things led to the recent horrific massacre in Orlando. High on that list of what can and should be addressed is was not what Americans can do with weapons in the country but likely what they have, are and plan to do with them out of it. It isn’t that people are not allowed to express themselves, the Parade continues and I’ve heard Latin music, Whitney Houston, Soca, the synth beats of EDM…I wonder if they have parade soundtracks?

People do not hate the United States for it’s freedom. They and I love the freedoms afforded in the States and western cultures. The ones that hate do not do so in spite of but despite the freedoms. The protestations and recent ineffective sit-ins by some politicians, pundits and others continue to murky the waters and avoid the actual issues.

American people aren’t hated as much as what is done in their name, by those they ostensibly chose to act on their behalf.

It is time to change that.

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