USA Mens Basketball Racism.


Here is the 2016 team that will be representing the United States of America at the upcoming Olympics in Rio.

This team is supposed to be a REPRESENTATION of the country. They pick players to this team THIS is representative of the way the country looks? Where are the Asians and Hispanics? Where are the Natives? What will they support?!?

Where are the LGBT people?

Where are the Women?

Oh it’s the Men’s National team so there shouldn’t be any women?

First of all, shame on you! Any woman can do what any man can. We will get back to that stupid sexist division that holds women back from participating in sports…those glass sneakers. We will get back to that but if you look at the entire USMNT roster you will see that women are allowed to be on the team.

There are 11 non playing members, almost half of the roster, they only chose 1 woman? Don’t tell me there aren’t enough qualified women, don’t they know behind every good man there is a good woman? The entire non-playing staff should be women.

Oh and USMNT do not think I didn’t notice that…


Enough of that. Facts just happened. Parody over.

I was going to disparage that 4 out of 5 Coaches were White, then thought of that actually being 2o% black which is actually higher than the 13.2% black population in America. So I was going to switch it around and end with some praise. Coach Monty Williams however looked like he may be mixed. So I thought there may be a chance to actually not praise them for ‘over-representation’ (or whatever that means in the kind of way that these people I’m parodying do) but point out it’s close to accurate representation.

That’s where this went off the rails. My need for accuracy. For facts.

I googled his name and went to the wiki page. Didn’t have any details on his parents but mentioned his wife had recently passed away following her car being struck in a head on collision. Completely lost the feeling to use Mr. Williams to point out this inanity.

I will move on to another Williams to which I can continue pointing out the idiocy.

This is Jesse Williams.


He was awarded the Humanitarian Award at the recent Black Entertainment Awards ceremony. You know because there is no difference in what races and cultures find entertaining or worth awarding.

Justin Timberlake was ‘moved by the powerful speech‘ Williams gave that and decided to tweet his support. Some can imagine where this is going, he did not.

Justin is white, the contents of the speech decried the state of blacks including appropriation and gentrification by whites.  As is becoming increasingly expected, the  denouncements of Mr. Timberlake for his illicitly benefiting from black culture which again we are all totes the same so there is no reason wed have any different likes, dislikes, results or goals, followed by him trying to explain himself and sadly apologizing, because gotta sell records and movie tickets?

Whatever resulted in Jesse Williams speech is a hateful conflagration of events. I heard this Twitter apology story yesterday and upon seeing Jesse Williams seriously wondered, wait that guy is black? The entire thing was a bit too depressing to post about, did not want to listen to his speech and other the few excerpts I’ve read here and there for this post, have no plans to.

While at the gym I caught a glance of someone on distant screen, paused and thought oh that’s what the guy looks like. Character walks off and in the next shot I saw that it was Bones and not Grey’s anatomy, and it was this actor, T.J. Thyne


Another example of the racist as all hell one drop practice.

I did see some people come to the defense of Mr. Williams saying unlike other performers of mixed ethnicity like Vin Diesel, he is not white-passing. So apparently looking ‘black’ is enough to make one truly feel the struggle. I don’t know what T.J.s ethnic background is, but if Jesse Williams isn’t white-passing, then T.J. Thyne is black-passing.

A sentiment that is probably completely backed by Rachael Dolezal




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