BBC Explains Trudeu in One Image

After reading about the terror attack that took 20 lives at Holey Cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh, following so close after the bombings At the airport in Turkey, and the previous massacre in an Orlando club. I saw a link to this article- Isolationism is not the solution -Mexican PM.

That I can rattle these off and am likely missing a few, is horrific in and of itself.

The link’s image was of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime minister and Barack Obama, the President of the USA standing in front of a Canadian flag and did a good job of identifying the 3 subjects of the article.

This is how it began interspersed with my thoughts:

“Isolationism cannot bring prosperity to a society,” said Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

On the contrary, military isolationism may be exactly what is needed at the moment to reduce attacks and ‘reprisals’.

Nieto’s remarks came at the end of the Three Amigos Summit with US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

Three Amigos summit? Really? It literally means 3 friends, but there is the easy connotation to imagine these as 3 under the same comedic light as the film.*

The three leaders reaffirmed their commitment to work together.

Work ‘together’ and expect to be held mutually responsible for negative decisions of others.

And they pledged to produce 50% of their countries’ electricity from clean energy by 2025.

And there we have the punchline, because as you may know Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity.

You can click the article for more. Besides the expected talking points it included an image of PM Trudeau from an upcoming Marvel Comics appearance, a mention of the Brexit by the author…wait why is every sentence a paragraph?

On to the point, here is what was at the bottom of the article.


That this comparison can justifiably be made is self explanatory in and of itself.

Most elect their ‘leaders’ on the much of the same criteria they do celebrities, and many politicians are in it for the celebrity. It is all a sad play with very real consequences.

….The horror, the horror.

  • I can disturbingly relate to the location and nature of this tragedy in Bangladesh having been close to a similar one. Posts on that experience I Do Not Believe and Divided on the Failure of States.
  • *Inspired by the IMDB description of Three Amigos “Three actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to perform their political leader role, uncaring that it is the real thing.”



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